Loxley Partners have assembled origination and execution teams operating across the relevant markets and operating from London, Dubai and Mumbai offices. These teams are led by:

Susie Hingston, Managing Director

Susie graduated from Cardiff University (UK) in 1998 with a BA (Hons) in Language and Communication and subsequently commenced her career at Chase Manhattan in London working on the global syndicated finance desk. Susie then, relocating to Sydney, worked as a private client adviser for a boutique stock broker covering the Asia Pacific region. Susie moved across to executive search 15 years ago, where she has been able to leverage her industry experience across London, Asia Pacific and now the MENASA region where she has been based in Dubai for the last 9 years. Susie operates across The Loxley Group, whilst heading Loxley Partners, and holds key strategic relationships at the highest level within a number of the leading investment banks, MNCs and other corporates. As a result of which Susie has rapidly developed into one of the most accomplished and trusted advisors to these businesses throughout our chosen markets.

Barney Mundell, Managing Director

Barney graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BA (Hons) in European History in 1996 and immediately joined the executive search arm of a Fortune 500 company. He now benefits from 18 years of experience within international executive search and has focused exclusively on the emerging markets for the last 10 years. Barney is one of the premier headhunters operating in these markets today, opening the offices of a leading international executive search firm in Moscow and Dubai before founding the Loxley Group. Barney is a Managing Director within the group and has overseen the delivery of approaching 300 executive search projects in the last 10 years. He maintains a ‘hands-on’ approach to mandate origination and delivery across the markets whilst holding ultimate responsibility for the strategy of the group.
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